Making America even greater—one immigrant at a time


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Alex P., New York, New York (client originally from Ontario)

"I hired the Law Office of Hillary Gaston Walsh to help my partner move from Canada to the United States. Even though we were all thousands of miles apart from each other, meeting online with Hillary and then getting uploading all the documents she needed was easy. Hillary's office always kept us informed about the status of our case. My partner move here with her green card last month! Thank you!"

Joel B., Reno, NV

"Hillary Gaston Walsh is a first-rate attorney. If I had all the money in the world, there's no other attorney I'd want to represent me. Hillary is a good person, with a good heart."

Maya B., Tucson, AZ (client originally from Ethiopia)

"I am very grateful for Miss Hillary. She helped me win my immigration appeal and she even found people to help pay my bond so I could be released from the detention center in Eloy. Miss Hillary cared as much about winning my case as she did about taking care of me as a person. I am grateful to God that she was my attorney."

Anonymous, Phoenix, AZ (client originally from Mexico)

"I have been permanent resident for more than 30 years. I hired Hillary to review my criminal plea agreement to be sure I wouldn't get deported. Hillary  looked over all my records and worked closely with my criminal defense attorney. Because of her help, I was not deported when I took the plea."

Anonymous, San Antonio, TX (client originally from Guatemala)

"My family hired Hillary to help my cousin with his asylum case in Florence, Arizona. He tells me that she is a strong, smart attorney who isn't afraid of the judge or government attorney. Knowing she is there to fight for him is a huge relief for us."

Daniel W., Las Vegas, NV

"Thank you, Hillary, for having my back when I felt like no one else cared."